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Dubai Marina

Exile land purchasers in Dubai need to pay one of the most minimal property charges on the planet, uncovers another report. The emirate, where property yields can go as high as 8 for each penny for each year, has an expense of 3.6 for every penny of the property cost over a five-year period, a […]

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An increasing amount of the world’s richest prefer to own their second luxury home in Dubai over cities like London or Miami, with the emirate leading the chart of the ‘best of the best’ cities. More than 75 per cent of global high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) bought properties in the emirate in 2014, with the […]

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The Dubai Tram
Sep, 201429 The Dubai Tram

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble for the past few years, any Dubai resident will know that the long-awaited tram is almost complete. However, short of the fact that the development has caused traffic on JBR and the Marina to grind to a standstill, we’ve not heard very much about it. How much will […]

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